Rencontres du Gaaf

From 26 May to 28 May 2021

The passing away of an individual from the group, that is, the death of a loved one, is a source of social disruption that can be experienced diversely, at both the individual and the broader family...

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Saint Cosme - Narthex de l'église (Sadil)

burials typochronology

Rencontre du Gaaf 2019

Typochronology is frequently used to date inhumation burials in addition to other methods (stratigraphy, analysis of grave goods, radiocarbon...

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Rencontre autour de nos aïeux

Nos aïeux (our ancestors)

Rencontre du Gaaf 2016

Six years after the Rencontre autour du cadavre (the corpse), the annual meeting of the Gaaf is back in Marseille, from may 25 to 27 2016, dealing...

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