In Memoriam – Véronique Gallien

It is with great sadness that we have learned the passing of our colleague and friend Véronique Gallien on Saturday 10 April 2021. Biological anthropologist at the French National Institute of Preventive Archeological Research, Véronique was also an active member of CEPAM (UMR 7264, Côte d’Azur University) and the international research network In Hoppe (INED – French National Institute for Demographic Studies).

Formerly involved in the Gaafif, Véronique played an active role in its rebirth and expansion at national level by taking part in the creation of the Gaaf. First president of our association for two years, she worked to ensure that the Gaaf would inherit what made the greatness of the Gaafif: a community open to different sensibilities and approaches, a space of freedom and interdisciplinary exchange on funerary issues and death in ancient and contemporary societies. Deeply involved in the life of our association, she contributed greatly to its activities, regularly taking part in its annual meetings and workshops, and frequently publishing the results of her own research in the conference’s proceedings. She enjoyed sharing, knew how to capture attention and transmit her knowledge to all, beginners as well as experienced professionals, always with kindness and humility. We can all testify to her great generosity and positive energy. We owe her a lot and her death is a terrible loss for our community, on both scientific and personal levels.

The Gaaf executive board and its former presidents (Florence Carré, Cécile Buquet, Matthieu Gaultier) join on the grief of all those for whom Véronique was a valued colleague, an esteemed collaborator and a dear friend, and send their thoughts and support to her family, to Jean-Yves and to her children.