Gaaf 2023 Meeting: Call for Papers

Article published on 11 July 2022 | Catégorie(s) : Gaaf news

The call for papers for the 14th Rencontre du Gaaf is open until 16 October 2023. The theme of this meeting will be the funerary landscape from Prehistory to Antiquity.

Three Axes will allow to see, discuss and debate on this very important theme:

Part 1: What methods to restore the natural and anthropogenic elements of funerary spaces (written sources, paleoenvironment, prospecting, etc.)?

Part 2: Internal landscape of the “necropolis”: grammar of social and symbolic uses
and techniques of funeral spaces

Part 3: Funeral spaces/landscapes and territory: visibility, role, network

Contact :

The scientific rationale and the abstract submission form are available in the file below. Feel free to circulate it widely!

Dates : From Wednesday 12 April 2023 to Friday 14 April 2023

Location : Dijon

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