Survey to Sex estimation practices of cremated remains among archaeologists and biological anthropologists

Article published on 22 August 2023 | Catégorie(s) : Research news

This survey aims to identify patterns in sex estimation practices among experts working with cremated human remains from archaeological contexts.

The survey asks researchers about their research practices and protocols in terms of sex estimation, in 6 sections:

  • Information on participants, such as age, sex and level of education.
  • Training received in the analysis of cremated remains.
  • Working environments of archaeologists and anthropologists studying cremations.
  • The cremation analysis protocols used at your facility.
  • How the results of cremation analysis (particularly sex estimation) are communicated.
  • Your opinion on gender estimation of cremations

The questionnaire is currently available in English and French. It will soon be translated into German.

The link to the questionnaire is available below.

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