Archeological (re)reading of justice in medieval and postmedieval Europe

Article published on 6 March 2019 | Catégorie(s) : Publications, Research news

Edited by Mathieu Vivas

In recent years, medieval and modern justice have been the subject of a reading or even an archaeological review in Europe. Still unpublished in France, this analysis is not intended as an annex to the history of justice through texts and images.
On the contrary, it points out all the contributions of the archaeological sciences in the way of evaluating and thinking the judicial practice, the materiality of the right to punish and the penal coercion. In a reflection linking perception of space, meaning and social representation of the remains, the articles contained in this book highlight the architecture of places of judgment, execution and imprisonment, but also the tools of the executioner and the fate of the bodies handled in justice through burials described as infamous.

Title : (Re)lecture archéologique de la justice en Europe médiévale et moderne

Editor : Ausonius - scripta mediaevalia

Number of pages : 380 p.

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