Rencontre autour du cadavre (The corpse)

Rencontre autour du cadavre
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Louis-Vincent Thomas wrote that the corpse is “extra-signifiant”. Object and/or subject, it always sparked both fascination and repulsion in the man spirit. To tame death and evade the disorders of putrefaction, rituals and thanatological techniques have been elaborated.

Building an Anthropology of the corpse involves knowledge of the behaviours over a long history and a multidisciplinary approach. This is also approaching death by dissolving the subject in an object, responding to the bio-physicochemical laws that must be accommodated during the ritual, and this is also placing the subject – the deceased – at the centre of the social fact.

To address these issues, the Rencontre around the corpse proposes three lines of research:

The entropy of the corpse, biological principles / tolerance and perception

A corpse, an operating chain / tools and knowledge

The corpse, questions and social management / symbolism and representations

The Rencontre held in Marseille allowed a meeting between very different disciplines – anthropology, archaeology, sociology, history, ethnology, psychoanalysis, law – each with its own methods, documentary corpus and systems of representations.

Published in : 2012

Directed by :

  • Hervé Guy
  • Agnès Jeanjean
  • Anne Richier
  • Aurore Schmitt
  • Ingrid Sénépart
  • Nicolas Weydert

Editorial informations : Edited by the Gaaf.

Scientific and financial partners : Centre Norbert Elias (UMR 8562)Laboratoire ADES (UMR 7268)

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ISBN / ISSN : 978-2-9541526-0-8

[pdf - 14.61 Mo]
[pdf - 2.28 Mo]