PhD position : 3 PhD Research Project

Article published on 23 November 2023 | Catégorie(s) : recruitments

Three PhD positions are available at Liverpool John Moores University (UK).

  • The evaluation of anatomical and anthropometrical standards used for craniofacial identification across diverse populations.

This project aims to enhance the diversity of response within the criminal justice system by overcoming the difficulties of identification from partially decomposed and skeletal human remains across diverse populations.

  • The detection and investigation of human remains using forensic ecology and remote sensing approaches.

The project aims to develop a framework for the parallel use of forensic ecology and remote sensing approaches to determine the translocation of human remains from primary clandestine graves to secondary locales.

  • Towards a fully autonomous non-restraining non-invasive person de-identification & privacy protection in realistic environments.

This project aims to create novel AI and digital data analysis technologies and protocols to address person de-identification in visual data.

Deadline : 15 December 2023

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