Call for papers: The 1848th SAP Days

Article published on 23 June 2022 | Catégorie(s) : Events

The call for papers and posters for the next SAP Days 2023 is open and the selected themes are :

  • Thematic 1: Invasive, micro-invasive and non-invasive analysis of anthropobiological remains. How and why?
  • Thematic 2: Current views on women in past societies: social constructions, biocultural perspectives and archaeo-anthropological insights
  • Thematic 3: Scientific breaking news

You will find the form to submit a communication by following the link below.

It must be completed and sent before September 13, 2022 inclusive.

Text size limit: 300 words. (details present on the sapweb site)

Dates : From Wednesday 25 January 2023 to Friday 27 January 2023

Location : Paris

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