A look back at the Gaaf 2024

Article published on 29 June 2024 | Catégorie(s) : Gaaf news

This year meeting has been a success – again!

  • with more than 170 participants
  • 31 communications
  • 24 posters
  • and 2 great parties to celebrate the fantastic cultural and archaeological heritage of the Champagne region

The Gaaf’s annual meeting is an important moment in the life of the association. Here, dicussions take place on forthcoming meetings, workshops, as well as on projects (e.g. technical field sheets, Zotero database, etc.).

This year, some changes to the executive board:

  • President : Aurélie Mayer
  • Vice president : Astrid Noterman
  • Secretary: Mikael Rouzic
  • Vice secretary : Erwan Nivez
  • Treasurer: Cécile Paresys
  • Vice treasurer: Vanessa Brunet
  • Administators: Sacha Kacki, Yann Ardagna, Axel Saintlo

Members in charge of projects:

  • Web animation: Axel Saintlo, Astrid Noterman, Audrey Gaillard
  • Zotero: Erwan Nivez, Vanessa Brunet