“Mortuary archaeology and bioarchaeology field school”, Iran

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Chantier-école (payant) en Iran, aout-septembre 2018

The field school is a joint project of the University of Kashan (Iran), Iranian Center for Archeological Research (ICAR) and the University of Warsaw (Poland) in Estark-Joshaqan in central Iran. It offers students the opportunity to participate in excavations at an exciting Iron Age cemetery and to learn how to properly handle excavated ancient human skeletons through cleaning, documentation and scientific analyses.

The course is destined for students and graduates in archaeology, anthropology or biology, but also people interested in the past with no prior experience in excavations. Five students from abroad and seven Iranian students will be accepted.

The total price for the field school is 1200 Euros and includes lectures in bioarchaeology, field training, food and accommodation for 3 weeks of fieldwork, transportation from the Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport to Kashan University Campus, as well as the 5-day tour to the
most famous archaeological and historical sites and monuments mainly in the Esfahan and Fars provinces.

Questions and applications should be sent to Javad Hoseinzadeh (email: javadhoseinzadeh@gmail.com, Skype ID: javad.hoseinzadeh1).

Dates : Du samedi 25 août 2018 au samedi 15 septembre 2018

Lieu : Estark-Joshaqan, Iran

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