Colloque Taphos Nomos 2018

Article publié le 22 juin 2018 | Catégorie(s) : Événements

An interdisciplinary symposium on taphonomic research in archaeology, forensic science and palaeontology

Taphonomy is the science of post-mortem processes. Originally defined by the palaeontologist Efremov as the “transition of organic remains from the biosphere to the lithosphere” the discipline has had significant impact on the geosciences, prehistoric archaeology, and latterly forensic science. Taphos-Nomos 2018 will be held within the School of Forensic and Applied Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire; it is an interdisciplinary meeting that covers a wide range of topics under the scientific umbrella of taphonomy, with the aim of showcasing current trends and research directions. Submissions are invited from any area of taphonomic research including palaeontological, archaeological and forensic applications.

Propositions de communications à adresser à partir du 1er juillet. Plus d’informations sur le site du colloque.

Dates : Du vendredi 02 novembre 2018 au dimanche 04 novembre 2018

Lieu : School of Forensic and Applied Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2HE, UK

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