Appel à com’ : XVIIIe congrès mondial de l’UISPP – session d’anthropologie biologique

Article publié le 15 septembre 2017 | Catégorie(s) : Événements

Through time, space and species: implication of new discoveries, technological developments and data diffusion improvement in Biological Anthropology

Organized by the Biological Anthropology UISPP Commission (Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques)

(Dominique Grimaud-Hervé1, President; Carlos Lorenzo2, Vice-President; Julie Arnaud3, secretary)

1UMR 7194 – HNHP, MNHN (France) –

2Area de Prehistoria, URV, IPHES (Spain)-

3Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, UNIFE (Italy) –

As also part of the principal goal of the Biological Anthropology commission, the present session aims to divulgate new discoveries, discuss new theories and share innovative methodologies correlated to the study of human extinct and extant populations in biological and evolutionary perspectives. The session proposes to embrace a large spectrum of specialities correlated to the biological anthropology field of research, in terms of chronology, geography and phylogeny.

The study of the biological aspect of ancient populations is in a constant modernization and implementation, through the improvement, application or adaptation of methodologies / instrumentations / techniques and most of all by the discovery of new fossils. It is no coincidence that, in recent decades, technological advances in biological anthropology have allowed us to clear (a little more) some aspect of human evolution and migration.

The purpose of mixing different anthropological fields of research is to stimulate debates and inputs about different approaches and methodologies.

In this context, we highly encourage graduate students and junior researchers to present their current research in order to update the community of anthropologists about what is going on in the anthropological sciences.

Additionally, the interdisciplinary and transcontinental aspects, at the base of the session, will encourage discussion between researchers from different institutions/specialities/continents.

Potential authors can send poster or oral proposal on a broad range of chronological, geographic, theoretical or methodological topics. The session might be subdivided in sub-sessions in function of the different themes proposed by the authors.

You can now send your proposals for communication until 15/12/17 to the commission secretary:

Dates : Du lundi 04 juin 2018 au samedi 09 juin 2018

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