Appel à com’ : Isotopic Studies in Roman Archaeology: Patterns of Commonality and Eccentricities

Article publié le 30 juin 2017 | Catégorie(s) : Événements

Abstract submissions are invited for the session “Isotopic Studies in Roman Archaeology: Patterns of Commonality and Eccentricities” to be held during the 13th Roman Archaeology Conference in Edinburgh (United Kingdom) from 12 to 15 April 2018.

Session description

Isotopic proxies (e.g. δ13C, δ15N, δ18O, δ34S, 87Sr/86Sr, 14C) are increasingly applied in Roman archaeology to provide additional valuable information on a wide range of past human activities. Examples include, among others, the reconstruction of past human subsistence or mobility and animal or crop management practices. As isotopic data for the Roman world is accumulated, it becomes possible to enlarge the interpretative scale of research into social structures, rural and urban differentiations, networks of connectivity and mobility, agricultural economy, etc. Through inter-regional and/or diachronic comparisons and syntheses, patterns of commonality and eccentricities for the different activities under study can be identified. This is of particular importance for research of the Roman world given its temporal and spatial extent which certainly accommodated considerable variability. In several instances, isotopic data can provide unique information on relevant issues which is simply not available from historical records. Furthermore, it can be fruitfully combined with other sources of historical and archaeological data under integrated research approaches.

This session welcomes contributions from isotopic studies towards Roman archaeology. Of particular interest are multi-isotopic contributions that adopt integrated approaches by combining multiple lines of evidence. There should be an effort to contrast or place novel case studies within the established general context, highlight uniqueness and new foci of interest, and improve on synthesis efforts. Topics of interest, include, but are not limited to:

– Exploring isotopic dichotomies, for instance: rural vs. urban, core vs. periphery, Republican vs. Imperial, Pagan vs. Christian

– Dynamics in social and economic organisation across the Roman world as suggested by isotopic indicators of diet, nutrition, and mobility

– Regional and temporal comparisons in animal and crop management practices

– Identifying individuality or singularities within generic isotopic patterns

Paper proposals should include the following information:

1) Title of the paper

2) Name, affiliation, postal address and email of the proposer(s)

3) A short abstract of the paper (not more than 300 words)

4) Title of the session for which the paper should be considered.

The deadline for the submission of paper proposals is Friday 8 September 2017

Dates : Du jeudi 12 avril 2018 au dimanche 15 avril 2018

Lieu : Edimbourg

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