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7th Conference of Italian Archaeology : un appel à com’ en archéologie funéraire

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The conference will be held at the National University of Ireland, Galway in April 2016, as a successor to previous meetings held in Lancaster (1977), Sheffield (1980), Cambridge (1984), London (1990), Oxford (1992), and Groningen (2003). We invite participants interested in the archaeology and cultural history of Italy from prehistory to the modern period. The primary theme of the conference will be the archaeology of death, but there will also be a number of panels that will consider recent developments in Italian archaeology. Additionally, a poster session will provide the opportunity for excavators to present site reports, as well as the presentation of other topics of interest.

Call for Papers

Titles of contributions and declaration of interest open now

  • Paper Abstract Due: 31st January 2016
  • Session Proposal Due: 31st May 2015
  • Poster Proposal Due: 31st January 2016

 The Archaeology of Death

Contributors are invited to present 20 minute papers on the archaeology of death that introduces new data and/or novel theoretical approaches. Suggested vectors through which contributors might explore the theme of funerary archaeology include, but are not limited to:

  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Landscapes of death
  • The Experience of Death
  • Personhood
  • Marginalised burials
  • Osteoarchaeological approaches
  • Ritual

New Approaches

Three sessions, one each day of the conference, will be dedicated to ‘new approaches’. These might be different topics or themes, or current issues of debate and importance to the field of Italian archaeology. Proposals should include a concise session abstract, names of proposed speakers (no more than six) and the topics they will cover. Suggested themes may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural management and heritage
  • Conservation methods and best practice
  • Using archaeological science in an Italian context
  • Italy and the wider Mediterranean
  • GIS in Italian archaeology
  • Debating the future of Italian archaeology

Dates : Du samedi 16 avril 2016 au lundi 18 avril 2016

Lieu : National University of Ireland, Galway

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