Rencontre autour de nouvelles approches de l’archéologie funéraire (New approaches of funerary archaeology)

Nouvelles approches de l'archéologie funéraire (couverture de l'ouvrage)
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The new approaches of the funerary archaeology discussed in this book have been defined from both the point of view of the problems and the methods used to answer them. Thanks to a crossed vision of many specialities, three topics were explored: cremation, grave goods items in France from the 8th to the 20th century, and archeosciences. The fourth session, dedicated to the research news, reflects four current tendencies: the development of computerized recording methods, the use of social anthropology, the evolution of funerary practices and taking into account recent archaeology.

This book brings together around 40 contributions that question the evolution of funerary archaeology through chronologically and culturally varied examples.

Published in : 2017

Directed by :

  • Solenn de Larminat
  • Rémi Corbineau
  • Alexis Corrochano
  • Yves Gleize
  • Jean Soulat

Scientific committee : Valérie BelBruno BizotDominique CastexRémi CorbineauAlexis CorrochanoSolenn de LarminatMichel FeugèreYves GleizeIsabelle Le GoffPhilippe MarinvalPatrick PérinJean Soulat

Reviewing committee : Valérie BelBruno BizotPhilippe BlanchardIsabelle CartronAlexis CorrochanoSolenn de LarminatCéline DuboisMichel FeugèreIsabelle FigueiralMatthieu GaultierPatrice GeorgesYves GleizeElisabeth LoransIsabelle Le GoffJean-Marc LuceLaëtitia MaggioCédric MagniezRaphaël OrgeoletGregory PereiraPatrick PérinAntoinette Rast-EicherHélène RéveillasStéphane RottierMichel SignoliJean SoulatYann TristantVicky VachlouAntoine Zazzo

Scientific and financial partners : Ministère de la Culture et de la CommunicationCentre Camille Jullian (UMR 7299)

NB : The volume is now out of print. It will soon be available as a free download.

Number of pages : 324

ISBN / ISSN : 9781234567897

To cite this document : De Larminat S., Corbineau R., Corrochano A., Gleize Y., Soulat J. (dir.), Rencontre autour de nouvelles approches de l’archéologie funéraire, Actes de la 6e Rencontre du Gaaf (4-5 avril 2014, Paris), Reugny, Gaaf, (Publication du Gaaf n°6), 2017, 324 p.

[pdf - 901.71 ko]